Latest VideoOctober 18, 2010

Deputy of Majlis : Vladimir Putin found Jesus in Khamenei !

In a live broadcast on National TV , one day before Khamenei trip to the town of Qum , M.H,Aboutorabi the deputy of the Iranian parliament – Majlis -talk about the great leader on national TV . He quote from the ex Russian president Vladimir Putin that he have found Jesus in Khamenei and that the ex United nation secretary general Kofi Annan admits that Khamenei knows his country – Ghana – better than him, and said that he can not compare Khamenei with Jaques Chirac of France or Helmut Kohl of Germany . He end to quote sayings from Iraqi PM Nouri Maleki who meet today Khamenei  ,and concludes that Khamenei is the leader of the Islamic world .

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